Adorably Strange Dolls

Custom, hand crafted babies created from recycled baby dolls. Each doll is a one of a kind collectable doll. Each baby is lovingly hand crafted, from the sculpting to the sewing of the outfits and costumes. Each doll comes with his or her own pet, birth certificate and is signed and numbered.                                   IF INTERESTED PLEASE EMAIL cuddlycreaturez@hotmail. com !!!

Collectible babies created from rescued and recycled materials, from doll to fabric.

Each one hand sculpted, painted and costumed.

Baby Scarecrow with Skare Kro, from Skare Kro Art. Check him out on Facebook and Instagram!

These numbered, one of a kind dolls are each as unique as the baby used to create it.

Cant find your special baby? Let us bring it to life for you! Custom orders are welcomed and encouraged!

You will be part of the creation process from the choosing of the doll to the finished costume so you know you are getting the baby of your dreams!

Explore the many different adorably strange babies waiting for their new homes


begin creating the baby of your dreams!

Undead Ella with her mommy, Savannah Kennick!

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